Golf Clash Matchmaking
Golf Clash's matchmaking system works by attempting to find you an opponent with a similar trophy count as quickly as possible. These are the two most important aspects of what we think Golf Clash players want; fair competitive play and the ability to get into a game quickly.
NOTE - we do not take the number of matches played or the equipment that each players has into consideration when matching players. We do this as these two aspects do not always reflect a players skill level accurately when compared to their trophy count.
Finding an opponent in1v1
When you search for a 1v1 game, we look at all the online players who are also looking for a game in the same 'Tour' as you (say, Six Star Hotel), and try to find one in the same trophy bracket as you. We also take into consideration the highest trophy count that each player has achieved. This prevents players from purposefully losing Trophies to try and match against weaker opponents.
Once we find a match, your game starts immediately and the hole will be selected.
If we can't find someone in your trophy bracket, we then start to look for players who sit in the trophy bracket directly above or below you. The result of this is that players may be slightly further apart in terms of trophy count, but are ultimately similarly skilled players.
96.1% of Golf Clash games are matched successfully in this way.
What happens when there are no players available in 1v1?
Very rarely, in less than 3.9% of all games, there are no live players close enough to your trophy level to start a game quickly. In this situation, we will match you against an opponent with a similar trophy level who played the hole recently but who isn't online at that moment.
We are able to do this because we store the shots that players take on each hole they play. This opponent is selected randomly, and we try to make the experience as close as possible to playing a live player - the goal being that the overall win rate is in line with the live player vs live player experience. The outcome of the match will only affect the Trophies, Coins and stats of the live player.
Losing Streaks
We have one special rule where players on losing streaks may be matched differently to avoid extending their losses.
Tournament Matchmaking
Tournament matchmaking works differently to 1vs1 matchmaking and players will be grouped based on their tournament Skill Tier. For more information on Skill Tiers please visit our FAQ here - Skill Tiers
What happens when there are no players available during a tournament?
When there are no live players available, we will match you against a random opponent who played the hole recently but who isn't online at that moment as we do in 1v1. We do this to ensure that every player can finish their tournament matches, no matter how many players are online at the time they are competing.

How does matchmaking work  in Checkpoint Challenge events?
In Checkpoint Challenge you will be matched against players of a similar Tour Level. Please note that trohpies, weekly league divisions, and other statistics are not used when matching opponents.

As gamers ourselves, we know how important it is for games to both fun and fair. In order to achieve this, we will not tolerate any form of cheating in Golf Clash and maintaining a fair gaming environment will always be a top priority for us.
Engaging in any form of cheating will result in penalties including, temporary game suspension, the removal of in-game currency and permanent account closure.
The engagement in any of the following activities will be deemed as cheating:
  • The use of third party apps or software, including hacks, bots and any program that is designed to modify game content or data.
  • Knowingly exploiting an in-game bug.
If you believe that any player has been engaging in the above, please report them directly to our support team so that the appropriate actions can be taken. You can contact our support team directly via the in-game settings menu or by visiting -
When contacting us, please try to include as much detail as possible about the issue you have encountered including:
  • A description of the issue that you have experienced.
  • The name of the Tour and hole that you were playing when you experienced the issue.
  • The name of your opponent.
  • Please also favorite any shot replays that demonstrate the issue you experienced and rename the replays as "Support".
Our Mission
Our mission is to give our players the most fun and fair playing experience possible and we believe that this approach is currently the best way to achieve that. We continue to look at improving all our systems and are committed to working with players to make Golf Clash the best game it can be, so please keep giving us your feedback.