The Golf Clash weekly league allows you to compete on a weekly basis with players from all over the world to win fantastic prizes!
Here's how it works:
Your Golf Clash league is made up of different divisions, with each division containing up to 100 Golf Clash players. These divisions are:
  • Beginner
  • Rookie I
  • Rookie II
  • Rookie III
  • Professional I
  • Professional II
  • Professional III
  • Expert I
  • Expert II
  • Expert III
  • Master I
  • Master II
  • Master III
When you first start playing Golf Clash you will be entered into the beginner division and you'll have to fight your way to promotion to move up the divisions.
Promotion and Relegation
The weekly leagues start on a Monday (12 AM GMT) and end on the next Monday at 12 AM GMT. In order to gain promotion into the higher divisions you will need to do one thing, win!
The more coins you earn in a week the higher up you will finish in the division. Finish near the top and you will earn promotion into the next division. Finish near the bottom and you will find yourself relegated to the division below.
Relegation between Weekly League divisions is not possible. 
  • You CAN get relegated from Master III down to Master II.
  • You CAN'T get relegated from Master I down to Expert III.

Division Rewards

If you're skilled enough to finish near the top of your division you'll be rewarded with a prize Chest. The higher up you finish the better your prize Chest will be!
That's not all though, you will also receive extra clubs cards in ALL your Chests for being placed in higher divisions.