Tournaments are where you can compete against golfers from all over the world to win HUGE prizes!

There are two types of Golf Clash tournament:
  1. Week Long Tournaments
  2. 9-Hole Cup Tournaments

1. Week Long Tournaments

As you can imagine, Week Long Tournaments run for 7 days and are split into 3 rounds:
Qualifying RoundMonday / Tuesday / Wednesday
Opening RoundThursday & Friday
Weekend RoundSaturday & Sunday

Tournament Scoring

Tournaments games are scored differently to other Golf Clash matches.

Your score is based on the number of shots you took to complete the hole. The fewer shots you take, the better your score!
Double Bogey+2

Qualifying Round
When you first enter a tournament you'll be automatically placed into a Qualification League.
You'll then have to compete against a handful of Golf Clash players to fight for qualification!

Matches will be played against players outside your league and it is your overall score that will determine your league position. The lower your score the higher up the leaderboard you will finish!

Don't worry if you fail to qualify as there are a total of 3 tournament qualification sessions. Each session lasts for 1 day and they run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Opening Round
If your qualification campaign has been successful you'll make it into the Opening Round.

Once again you'll be placed into a league with other Golf Clash players. This time you'll be in a much bigger league with more competitors and more matches! You'll have to use all of your skill to earn qualification.
The Opening round is played across Thursday and Friday.
The number of players that can qualify from the Opening Round can vary depending on your tournament Skill Tier. You can find out more information on Skill Tiers HERE.
All Rookie Skill TiersTop 50% of players will qualify
Pro Skill Tiers 1 and 2Top 50% of players will qualify
Pro Skill Tier 3Top 55% of players will qualify
Expert 2 Skill TierTop 55% of players will qualify
Expert 3 Skill TierTop 65% of players will qualify
Master Skill TierTop 70% of players will qualify


Weekend Round
Only the very best golfers who show true skill and determination will make it to the Weekend Round.

Getting this far is no easy feat and all players that reach the Weekend Round will receive a prize! How good that prize is will be determined by your final tournament position.

You'll now be competing against the very best of the best so you'll have to pull out all the stops if you want to be crowned Tournament Champion!

2. 9-Hole Cup Tournaments

The 9-Hole Cup Tournaments are unlike our Week Long Tournaments, as these run for just 3 days and as you may have already guessed, each round consists of just 9 holes!

The 9-Hole Cup is split into two rounds that are spread over 3 days:
Qualifying Round 1Thursday (9 Holes)
Qualifying Round 2Friday (9 Holes)
Final RoundSaturday (9 Holes)

The tournament scoring and rules are the same for all tournament formats. For more information on 9-Hole Cup Tournament, please visit our FAQ HERE.