All Golf Tees and Hole Explosions have match perks which offer you bonus rewards when they are triggered, including:

  • Trophy Bonuses
  • Coin Bonuses
  • Clan Point Bonuses
  • Season Token Rewards
  • Practice Token Rewards.

There are two reasons why a match perk may not be firing:

  1. The match perk reward is not available in the game mode you are playing.

Match perks that offer a percentage (%) increase in rewards will only trigger when this reward is being earned.

Example - A match perk that offers a 15% increase in Trophy rewards will not tirgger in tournament matches, as tournament matches do not rewards trophies.

  2. You have earned the maximum number of Trophies available.

Each tour in Golf Clash has a limited number of available Trophies. Once a tour has been completed, you will stop winning and losing Trophies.

This means that match perks that offer a Trophy bonus will not trigger, as no Trophies can be won , due to the tour being completed.