You can prestige every golf ball included in the golf ball collection album up to three times. Each prestige level (bronze, silver, and gold) will have its own unique visuals to show off your prestige level.

You can prestige golf balls in multiple ways:

1. Through ball use - every time you use a golf ball, this will contribute to the golf ball’s prestige progress.

2. Through Ball Conversion - instead of using golf balls in matches, golf balls can sacrificed to increase progress towards prestige. A sacrifice of your golf ball will earn you double the progress of a normal in-match use of the ball.

Please be aware that converted golf balls can not be refunded or returned.

3. Through Generation Tokens - once a ball has reached gold prestige, excess ball stock can be converted into Generation Tokens at a conversion rate of 1:1. These Generation Tokens can then be used to help prestige other golf balls from the same generation. Using 1 Generation Token will add 1 progress point to the prestige counter.

Players can use a combination of Generation Tokens and Golf Ball Conversion to prestige golf balls.

The number of uses to attain each prestige level are listed below:

  • Bronze - 10 ball uses
  • Silver - 50 ball uses
  • Gold - 200 ball uses

You will be able to use a combination of all 3 prestige progress methods to complete a golf ball’s prestige.

Please note that the unique visuals of each prestige level are added automatically and cannot be removed once added.