Golf Clash Season 50 will contain some key tour updates to rotate the courses available in 1vs1. This Season will also see a number of courses using their hole location from when they appeared in tournaments with the 'New Hole Locations' modifier. Below is a breakdown of the courses available in each tour for Season 50, with the addition of which course will be using their different hole locations

For more information on Season 50, be sure to check out the in-game news section.

Tour 1- Beginner - Unchanged
Meadow Castle

Tour 2 - West Coast - Unchanged
Santa Ventura
Juniper Point

Tour 3 - Asia Pacific
Sakura Hills - New Hole Locations
Namhae Cliffs

Tour 4 - 6 Star Hotel
Grünberg Slopes
Parc De Paris - New Hole Locations

Tour 5 - World Links
Gokasho Bay
The Oasis - New Hole Locations

Tour 6 - US Champions
Southern Pines
Eagle Peak
Lake Wabasca

Tour 7 - Tropic Kings
Old Bridge Park
Sunshine Glades
Jamil Dunes

Tour 8 - Mountain Tour
Chateau Lavande
Centenary Harbour
Shiruba Springs

Tour 9 - Platinum Resorts
Wiseacre Ranch
Waterfield Sands
Acacia Reserve

Tour 10 - Club Oceania
Gokasho Bay - New Hole Locations
White Cliffs Golf Club
Lake Wabasca

Tour 11 - Voyager Tour
Vineyard Acres
The Milano
Old Bridge Park

Tour 12 - Origin Links
Porthello Cove
Centenary Harbour
Greenoch Point
Waterfield Sands

Tour 13 - Diamond Series
Old Bridge Park
Maple Bay
Koh Hong Resort
Lake Wabasca
Sequoia Creek