Golf Clash Season 56 will contain some key tour updates to rotate the courses available in 1vs1. Below is a breakdown of the courses available in each tour for Season 56. For more information on Season 56, be sure to check out the in-game news section.
Tour 1- Beginner - Unchanged
Meadow Castle
Tour 2 - West Coast - Unchanged
Santa Ventura
Juniper Point
Tour 3 - Asia Pacific
Sakura Hills
Gokasho Bay
Tour 4 - 6 Star Hotel
Grünberg Slopes
Wiseacre Ranch
Tour 5 - World Links
Jamil Dunes
Maple Bay
Tour 6 - US Champions
Sunshine Glades
Vineyard Acres
Quail Hollow
Tour 7 - Tropic Kings
Old Bridge Park
Koh Hong Resort
Centenary Harbour
Tour 8 - Mountain Tour
Eagle Peak    
Nordic Fjords    
Yongsan Gardens
Tour 9 - Platinum Resorts
Chateau Lavande    
Drumore Links   
Acacia Reserve
Tour 10 - Club Oceania
Namhae Cliffs    
Porthello Cove    
White Cliffs Golf Club
Tour 11 - Voyager Tour
Sequoia Creek    
City Park    
Yongsan Gardens
Tour 12 - Origin Links
Waterfield Sands    
Greenoch Point    
The Oasis     
Koh Hong Resort
Tour 13 - Diamond Series
Vineyard Acres    
Southern Pines    
Parc de Paris
Lake Wabasca    
Jubilee Grove - Night Time