Every single shot that is taken in Golf Clash uses a single physics engine to determine where the shot will land. This ensures:
  • That every single shot will ALWAYS land in the correct position, based on the shot setup, execution and course conditions.
  • There is a level playing field for all golfers.
  • Shots are 100% consistent for all golfers.
Without 100% consistency it would not be possible for golfers to win tournaments and earn every single trophy. This consistency has also allowed our incredible community to create tons of impressive guides and tutorials.

There will always be times where you are unsure why you shot has reacted how it has. It is understanding why your shot has reacted in the way that it has that is the key to mastering Golf Clash!

If you are unsure of your shot outcome, be sure to share you shot replays on our Facebook page and the community run Reddit page. There are thousands of helpful and experienced golfers that will be able to provide excellent shot advice:
We have also created a "Tips & Tricks" section in our FAQs, to offer some of our own shot tips and guidance.