Adding Perfect Power

Judging the wind perfectly and hitting a "Perfect" shot means nothing if the correct amount of power has not been added to your shot. When you pull back on the golf ball to power your shot make sure that the golf ball is pulled back into the very centre of the circle.

Accurate Power is extremely important when you are trying to chip the ball directly into the hole, however overpowering your shot can be great for long drives.

Try to ensure that the bottom of the golf ball touches the small points visible at the top and bottom of the power guide.

Adding too little or too much power can be the difference in the ball going in or missing the target. This is even more important for short shots, as even a very small change in power can have a big impact on the outcome of your shot.

Adding Curl and Power

Trying to add the perfect amount of power to your shot can be extremely tricky when you are curling your shot. This is because it is much harder to tell how far back you need to pull the ball to add perfect power.

Be sure to pay close attention to the colour and speed on the needle when you are adding power whilst also attempting to curl your shot.

** Please note that the above image is purely an illustration for educational purposes and is not a 100% accurate representation of the game mechanics. **