Tournament Bracketing Overview

For each Tournament difficulty (Rookie, Pro, Expert, Master); you will be placed into a "Skill Tier".

Your Skill Tier is predominantly determined by your �Tournament experience�. Simply put, the more success you have in tournaments, the more tournament experience you�ll earn! Both Tournament matchmaking and Tournament bracketing use your Skill Tier to group you against opponents with similar tournament experience and success. We find this is the very best way to group players together, and is how it works in real life sports, including golf.

Matches played, trophy count, Coin balance and equipment owned don�t necessarily tell us who the best players are. However, if we look at how players have historically performed in tournaments we get a great measure of their Tournament skill and ability.

Skill Tiers are visually represented with a number of stars. Every tournament difficulty has 3 Skill Tiers, with the exception of Masters, where there is only 1 Skill Tier. Before you enter a tournament, you will be able to view your Skill Tier for each tournament difficulty level.

When you enter a tournament, you will always be grouped with players who have the same Skill Tier as you.

Example: A golfer with a Skill Tier of 2 stars in Pro will always be grouped with other golfers who have a Skill Tier of 2 stars in Pro.

How do we determine your Skill Tier?

Each time you reach the Weekend Round in the tournament you will achieve a number of points.

The number of points you earn will vary depending on the tournament difficulty level you enter and your final position in the Weekend Round.

Example: A golfer who finishes 1st in a Master level tournament will achieve more points compared to a golfer who finished 1st in a Pro tournament.