We take the following measures to ensure that Golf Clash is fair for all golfers:

We will always work to match players against opponents who are of a similar skill level. (More information about our matchmaking system can be found here -(http://bit.ly/GCMatchmaking)

We will always make sure that every shot is consistent by using the exact same shot calculations for every single shot that is taken in Golf Clash by every golfer. This makes sure that every single shot ALWAYS land in the correct location based on the shot setup, shot execution and course conditions.

This is what allows golfers to develop their skills and become a Golf Clash master. More information on shot consistency can be found HERE.

We will always put fair gaming first and will never intentionally or knowingly do anything to make it easier or harder for any golfer to win or lose.

The outcome of every match can only be decided by how well you and your opponent play.