As gamers and golfers ourselves, we know first hard just how tough it can be out on the course.

We fully understand that at times, it can feel like the game is working against you. This is especially true when you're on the end of a losing streak, or when you lose out to a lucky shot or even worse, to an incredible hole-in-one.

It is however vital that every golfer is in control of their own results. This is why every match result is decided by how well the two competing golfers play.

When a golfer wins, it is because they have beaten their opponent fairly and not because the game has helped them or hindered the other golfer. Nothing will ever be done to influence a match result in any way.

It is this approach to fair play that ensures that each golfer is in control of their own results and progress. This has allowed thousands of golfers to win multiple tournaments and unlock every available trophy.

We know first hand how hard it can be to change the mind of a golfer who feels the game is working against them, but we will never compromise on our commitment to fair play. We have a duty as a game developer to uphold the highest standards of fair player and to create a fun, fair and safe gaming environment for all players.

We take the following measures to ensure that Golf Clash is fair for all golfers:

We will always work to match players against opponents who are of a similar skill level. (More information about our matchmaking system can be found here - (

We will always make sure that every shot is consistent and accurate. This makes sure that every single shot ALWAYS lands in the correct location based on the shot setup, shot execution and course conditions.

This is what allows golfers to develop their skills and become a Golf Clash master. More information on shot consistency can be found in our FAQs - (

Every shot is validated on your servers to ensure 100% consistency and to also prevent any form of cheating.

We will always put fair gaming first and will never intentionally or knowingly do anything to make it easier or harder for any golfer to win or lose. The outcome of every match can only be decided by how well both golfers play.