A Golf Clash account will receive a warning/suspension if our fair play system has detected activity on your device that contravenes our Fair and Safe Gaming policy or our Terms of Service.
Warnings and suspensions can be applied to not only the account engaging in activity that breaches our terms of service, but also to any account that is being accessed on the same device or by the same user.
This includes, but is not limited to:
  • The use of any unauthorized third party software that offers an unfair advantage. This includes mods/hacks/bots that interfere with and manipulate gameplay.
  • Any form of account sharing, trading, gifting or selling. Golf Clash accounts can only be accessed by the account creator. Please note that you will receive warnings if you are allowing other players to access your account or if you are accessing other players accounts on your device.
  • Refund and payment abuse, including the purchase of items from third party providers or unofficial sources. All items must be acquired directly in the Golf Clash app.
  • Boosting - trading wins with other players/clans to boost winnings or clan points.
  • Using an unofficial or modified version of the Golf Clash app (Including cloned versions of the Golf Clash app). Golf Clash must be downloaded from the Apple App store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store or played via Facebook on a PC/Laptop.
  • Engaging in any form of harassment or bullying.
  • Unauthorized  use of content, including: golf balls, golf clubs and all other in-game items. (Items can only be used if they have been acquired through gameplay, payments or if credited by the Golf Clash team).
Breaking our Terms of Service can result in account suspensions, the removal of clan points, removal from tournaments and permanent account and game bans.