Maintaining a fun, fair and safe environment for all our golfers has and always will be our top priority. We feel that these are the key ingredients to making a truly entertaining and competitive gaming experience for all our players.

As game developers, we have a responsibility and a duty to ensure that the game and service we provide is fair, consistent, fun and safe for all players.

We cannot do this without your support though! So please help us by taking note of our fair play policy.


Golf Clash may differ slightly from real-world golf (Rain will never stop play in our game), but we want to uphold the competitiveness and honesty that is represented in professional golf within Golf Clash.

We take the following measures to ensure that Golf Clash is fair for all our players:

We will always work to match players against opponents who are of a similar skill level. (More information about our matchmaking system can be found here -

We will always make sure that every shot is consistent by using the exact same shot calculations for every shot that is taken in Golf Clash by every golfer. This makes sure that shots ALWAYS land in the correct location based on the shot setup, shot execution and course conditions. This is what allows players to master the game and progress. More information on shot consistency can be found HERE.

We will always put fair gaming first and will never intentionally or knowingly do anything to make our players lose or do anything to increase a player's chances of losing. The outcome of every match is decided by how well both players play. This ensures that every golfer can hone their skills and become a Golf Clash master!



We take cheating extremely seriously and we will always do everything we can to ensure that every Golf Clash player plays by the rules. Please note that engaging in any of the following actions is deemed as cheating:

  • The use of third party apps, software or programs that include hacks, bots or tools designed to modify game content or data.
  • Knowingly exploiting an in-game bug or issue.
  • Boosting - trading wins or results to boost individual or clan rankings.

Penalty- Engaging in any form of cheating can result in a permanent or temporary game ban.

If you suspect that anyone is breaking this rule, please contact our support team via the in-game settings menu. Please provide them with the username of the account you would like to report, their clan name and a description of the suspicious behavior you have seen. We will investigate every account that is reported to us.


Golf Clash is extremely competitive and from time to time players can engage in heated debates. We're happy for this to continue, but we will step in and play the bad guy if things ever cross the line from friendly debate to abusive behavior.

Please remember to be respectful when communicating with other golfers and avoid being abusive or using unnecessarily foul language.

Please refrain from the following:

  • Using excessive abusive, offensive or insulting language.
  • Using any hate speech, bullying or targeted harassment.
  • Discussing or encouraging the use of cheats, exploits or third-party software.
  • Discussing the buying, selling or trading of game accounts.
  • Discussing or engaging in the unauthorized buying/selling of in-game currency or items.
  • Phishing of Golf Clash accounts.
  • Encouraging other Golf Clash players to break the rules.
  • Asking for or providing personal contact information.
  • Using clan chat to spam, scam or advertise.
  • Impersonating a Playdemic or Golf Clash staff member.

If you encounter any of this behavior, please report this to us by using the in-game report function contained within clan chat.

Penalty Engaging in any form of abusive behavior can result in a temporary or permanent chat or game ban. Falsely reporting players can also result in the same penalties.


Please note that items in Golf Clash can only be purchased directly from the Golf Clash app itself. It is against or terms of use to purchase any items outside of the app and services offering discounted game currency should be avoided at all costs.

Purchasing in-game items from external sites or services can put your account at risk.

Penalty unauthorised buying and selling of in-game currency or items can result in a temporary or permanent game ban. Any items obtained by unauthorised purchases will also be removed.



We do not permit and will not support the creation and distribution of any apps that overlay information on top of the Golf Clash app. Doing so can give an unfair advantage during play. Overlay functionality is not available on all platforms and devices and this change is designed to make sure that there is a level playing field for all our players.

There is also the potential for overlays to become extremely sophisticated and the information being shown could become more instructive, rather then suggestive.

For example, it would be possible for developers to create an app that overlayed a target to let players not exactly where to aim, taking all skill out of the game. To help make sure that overlays do not remove skill from Golf Clash we think it is important to remove any ambiguity and prevent any overlays from being used in Golf Clash apps.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Any apps that overlay any Golf Clash specific visual grids, guides, UI element or other markers that intend to help the player line up their shots more accurately.
  • Any overlaid apps that allow users to input match data to receive recommended shot adjustments. This includes suggested target ring adjustments based on the wind speed and/or club.
  • Any apps that interfere with the aim method, control method or any other system that gives the player an unfair advantage over those not using third party apps.
  • Attempt to read information from the Golf Clash display to automatically provide customized advice.

There are however plenty of great apps, websites and resources available that offer great Golf Clash guides and tips. These resources are a great advertisement of the incredible Golf Clash community and we are supporters of any app that offers advice and reference information and helps players to improve their game. These resources can be used in conjunction with Golf Clash, providing that this information is not overlaid on top of the Golf Clash app.

Please be aware that we're currently working with Golf Clash companion app developers to advise them on the removal of overlays. It is not currently against our terms or service to use these apps.



Secure your account
We know that golfers put a large amount of time, effort and passion into their Golf Clash accounts. We therefor want to make sure that your account progress is never lost.

To make sure that your account is always safe, please secure your account by attaching it to a Facebook profile, phone number or email address.

This can be done via the in-game settings menu and will make sure that your account progress is never lost. This will also allow you to easily transfer your account onto a different device.

Never share your account
Not only is account sharing against our Terms of Service, lending your account to another player will also put your account data and privacy at risk. This includes allowing another player to play tournaments or matches on your behalf.

Penalty - Any form of account sharing, selling and buying will result in the permanent ban of any account that has been transferred between players. This also includes account giveaways.

Avoid phishing sites and scams
Whilst we do everything we can to remove these, occasionally you may stumble across a website, app or even a player offering free/discounted currency.

Please note that it is impossible to earn any in-game items or currency outside of the app for free or at a discounted rate, and these apps and sites are normally designed to steal your account information. They should therefore be avoided at all costs and reported to us via our in-game support feature.

Thank you for sharing our passion for fair and safe game.

By working together we can ensure that Golf Clash continues to be fun and fair for everyone that picks up a club....or should that be phone.

We look forward to seeing you out on the course!

- The Golf Clash Team -