Sometimes you can hit a perfect shot and still be surprised by the outcome. This is something that every golfer will experience in their career and it is understanding why your shot has landed where it has that can be key to improving your game and becoming a Golf Clash master!

To guarantee consistency we make sure that every single shot taken by every golfer always lands in the correct location. Where a shot lands is based on the shot setup, shot execution and course conditions.

Here are a few commons mistakes that we see out on the course and we hope that these tips help to improve your game.

Under-powered shots.

When you are attempting to chip/pitch the ball into the hole, make sure that the ball is pulled right back into the centre of the circle when you're adding power.

You will know when the perfect power has been added, as the ball will be touching all four points within the circle (as shown in the picture below). Any slight change in power can have a huge impact on your shot, especially when taking a short chip shot.

Landing on the fringe.

The fringes in Golf Clash are very uneven and landing the ball on the fringe around the edge of the green is extremely risky.

This is because any slight deviation in your shot will cause your ball to land on a different area of the fringe, which can result in a very different shot outcome to what was shown on the ball guide.

We always recommend placing your target on the green when possible.

Understanding the wind.

It is important to remember that the amount the wind affects each shot can vary based on several factors, including:

  • How high your shot goes in the air - the higher the shot the more the wind will affect the flight of the ball.
  • How long your ball is in the air for - if your ball is in the air for a long time, the wind will have more time to affect the flight path. This is why long drives are affected more by the wind when compared to short chips.
  • Course elevation - hitting the ball over a ravine or onto an island? If so, make sure that you adjust your aim more for the wind. It is also important to adjust your aim if you are hitting your shot uphill or downhill.
  • Curl - curling your shot into the wind or against the wind is also a great way to control your shots. Looking to hit some huge curl shots? Try curling your ball in the same direction as the wind.

Still unsure why your shot missed?

There are tons of experienced Golf Clash players that are always happy to offer tips and advice. We recommend sharing your shot replays to get advice from your fellow golfers!