What is a default score?

By default all players will receive a Bogey (+1) if they experience an issue that prevents them from completing their tournament match. The most common cause of this occurs when a player loses connection during their match and is unable to reconnect.

A default score of a Bogey (+1) is awarded to help prevent players from purposefully losing connection to try and improve their tournament scores.

We want to make sure that your tournament enjoyment is not affected negatively by a loss of connection or by any other issue. We will always do everything we can to help make sure that this is not the case.

What should I do if a receive a default Bogey ( +1)?

If you do receive a default Bogey (+1) during your tournament, please contact our support team directly and they will be able to assist you further. Please try to ensure that you have saved any match replays from the affected match before contacting our support team.

Can Customer Support change my score?

We will always change a default score of a Bogey (+1) to a Par.
A Par will always be awarded as it is impossible for us to determine the outcome of your match, even if your match ends when you have a simple tap in for a Birdie.

This is done to ensure consistency for all golfers.

We will only ever deny a score change to a Par if we have reason to believe that the player would have achieved a score worse than a Par.

What happens if I experience an issue after I have finished the match?

We can change a score to something other than a Par if we have replay evidence that shows a better score being achieved. In these cases the shot replay showing the ball going into the hole must be present on your game account.

We cannot accept video recordings or screenshots as these cannot be verified.

How can I prevent connection issues during my tournament?

We always recommend that you play Golf Clash when connected to a strong WiFi connection. This will help prevent a loss of connection during your match.

Please also avoid closing/minimising the Golf Clash app or switching to a different app during your matches, even if it is not your turn.

For more information on how to prevent connection issues, please view our troubleshooting FAQ.