Shots being taken before you have taken your finger off the screen are normally caused by one of the following 6 issues: 

1. Edgeless screens - Please try to make sure that your finger is not being moved off the side or bottom of the screen surface when powering your shots. This is common on some new devices that have edgeless displays.

2. Screen interference - Interference between your finger and your device's screen. This can be caused by wet hands or a wet/dirty phone screen.

3. Screen protectors or phone cases - Some phone cases or screen protectors can also interfere with your device's phone screen.

4. Low phone power - Please try to make sure that your phone has plenty of power. Some devices will switch into a power saving mode when low on power.

5. Multiple screen presses - Please try to make sure that you are not accidentally placing another finger or another part of your hand on the game screen when powering your shots.

6. Multiple apps open at once - please try to make sure that you have closed any other apps that are running in the background on your device.

Preventing these 6 issues will help to ensure that your shots are taken when you intend.