Every clan that is created in Golf Clash will have it's very own in-game clan chat room.
These chat rooms are designed to help clan members communicate with each other, share tactics and talk about all things Golf Clash.
We ask that all clan members assist us in helping make sure that chat rooms remain a safe, secure and fun place to interact with other Golf Clash players. To help achieve this please refrain from:
  • Using abusive, offensive or insulting language
  • Discussing or encouraging the use of cheats, exploits or third party software
  • Discussing the buying, selling or trading of game accounts.
  • Discussing or engaging in the unauthorised buying/selling of in-game currency or items.
  • Phishing of Golf Clash accounts.
  • Encouraging other Golf Clash players to break the rules.
  • Asking for or providing personal contact information.
  • Using clan chat to spam, scam or advertise.
All Golf Clash chat rooms feature a profanity filter to help ensure that no extremely offensive messages are displayed. We are always monitoring and improving our filter to ensure that any offensive messages are quickly found and removed.
Our profanity filters may not always catch everything, so there are a few options to consider if you see any misuse of clan chat:
Kick or ban players from your clan.
If a member of you clan is misusing clan chat we recommend that you contact the clan president to ask them to kick/ban this member from the clan.
Leave the clan.
Clan chat should be a place where you can have fun by interacting and chatting with your fellow clan members. If the clan you are in is not right for you then you always have the option to leave the clan to either join another clan or even start your own!
Report offensive messages.
If you see any messages that you find offensive or that you are concerned about, please select the message and choose the "Report" option.
All reported chat messages are taken seriously and will be reviewed by a member of our support team as soon as possible.
Important - Sending false chat reports can also lead to suspension or ban from chat.