Clan leagues are your clan's opportunity to compete against other clans all over the world for the chance to earn fantastic prizes and perks.

Here's how it works:

Golf Clash clan leagues are made up of different divisions, with each division containing up to 100 Clans. These divisions are:

Rookie I , II and III
Professional I, II and III
Expert I, II and III
Master I, II and III
Champions 100

The Champions 100 is a unique clan division that will contain the very best 100 Clans in the world!

When you first start your clan you will be entered into the beginner division and you'll have to fight your way to promotion to move up the divisions.

Promotion and Relegation
To gain promotion into the higher divisions you will need to do one thing, earn clan points!

The more clan points that you earn in a Clan Season the higher up your clan will finish in the division. Clan Seasons last for 4 weeks.

Finish near the top and you will earn promotion into the next division. Finish near the bottom and you will find yourself relegated to the division below.

Earning Clan Points
There are two ways to earn clan points in Golf Clash:

1. 1v1 Matches - You will receive clan points every time you win any 1vs1 match. The higher the Tour, the more clan points you will earn.

2. Tournaments - the higher you finish in a tournament the more clan points you will receive. So make sure you aim for the top spot if you make it through to the Weekend Round!

Division Rewards
If your clan has what it takes to earn promotion all clan members will be rewarded with additional bonuses and perks, which include:
  • Additional Golf Bag loadouts - increases the number of golf bags that you can use.
  • Trophy bonuses - Increases the number of Trophies that you can win in a match.
  • Gem bonuses - Increases the percentage of Gems that you find in earned Chests. (Excludes bundles)